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Voice-Over Demo Production

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The voice over demo reel is your calling card in the voice-over business whether you do commercials, animation, narration, books-on-tape, trailers or promos. The conversation goes like this:

Man talking on microphone in sound boothYou: "I do voice-overs!"

Them: "Send me your demo"

No matter how good you are if you don't have a demo then you're not in the business

A professionaly produced demo reel allows you to promote your skills to Talent Agents, Voice Casting Companies, Animation Companies, Advertising Agencies and directly to the clients.

So what exactly is a voice-over demo reel?

At this time the commercial voice-over demo is just under two minutes long and consists of about 10 different edits or cuts of commercials. Each cut is from 8 to 14 seconds long and is fully produced with your voice-over plus music and sound effects. The cuts are "butt spliced" together, that is, they don't fade from one cut to the next--they just abruptly change.

I take great care in producing your voice over demo reel

At Aliso Creek I take great care in producing your voice over demo because I realize that it is your only representation in the industry. In our initial get aquainted session I say "the rules are: there are no rules". What we do is read through a variety of copy to determine your personality and the types of markets and attitudes that you fit. You're free to try or suggest anything and I will ask you to try a variety of styles. In the way we determine the best material to showcase your personality and your signiture sound.

From there I create a script of about 12 short commercials that have been knowledgeably edited to make them concise and exciting. You study this script for a few days and then we record. In the recording session I carefully direct you to assure the best performance. I watch pacing, inflection, emotions and timing to make sure each performance is your best, We digitally record multiple takes of each spot to give me the best material to edit.

Once the recording is done the best takes are cut together and I add background music and sound effects to make each spot sound like an aired commercial. We review the final demo to make sure you're pleased with the performances and the order of the spots and the it is mastered to CD.

why you should choose
William Williams at Aliso Creek
for voice over demo production :

  •   Personalized one-on-one attention
  •   I identify your sound so your demo represents your unique talents
  •   Flat Fee so we're not "watching the clock"
  •   No additional costs
  •   Fair price
  •   Easy Payment Terms!
  •   Great sounding, killer demos!

by William Williams


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Do it Right! Have Your Demo Professionaly Produced!

Whether you have your demo produced by William Williams at Aliso Creek or at another facility, have your voice over demo produced by someone who is a professional in the voice-over business!!

You can probably get it done cheaper at a recording studio but in the final analysis, when you pay for your demo, you are paying for the knowledgable "ears" of the producer.

You need someone who can select the proper material for your voice, can direct you to acheive your best, most marketable performance, and can choose the editing and production "elements" --music, background ambience, sound effects-- than will enhance your performance, not take away from it.

Remember, you're sending your demo to industry pros who listen to the best demos in the world all day. If your demo isn't professional these pros will doubt your talent and your commitment to your craft.

So don't skimp. Pay for a professional. Every week I talk to someone who has spent hard earned money for a demo that doesn't measure up to industry standards. And then they have to start (and pay) all over again to do it right.

Do it right the first time.


If you would like to discuss
having a voice over demo produced
give me a call,  William, at:  

or Request More Info Below

Demo Production for :

  • Commercial demos
  • Animation demos
  • Promo/Trailers demos
  • Narration/Audiobooks demos

Easy Payment Terms:

2 minute commmercial voice over demo production by William Williams

COST: $995

$500 to begin the process
$495 upon delivery


Take an Aliso Creek Voice-Over class and save $100 on the cost of your demo! Only $895!

Cash, Checks or:

give me a call,
William, at:  818-954-9931

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